CAC Les Tanneries, Amilly (F)

Sound and light installation
Variable size

The spectrum room is a sound and light installation. It was composed for the large hall of the CAC Les Tanneries in Amilly for the Épochè exhibition. Piece built in layers, it unfolds continuously in space by exploring the acoustic qualities of the place as well as certain elements of its history: the continuous flow of water once draining the basement, the circular and repetitive movement of machines, the architecture with a palpable stratigraphy, gaps traced in the stone. On the ground, all the lit but closed vats reveal a gap through their interstices.

The Spectral room is based on the frequency spectra linked to sleep activity, alpha, beta, theta and gamma waves, made audible and modulated without interruption, by cyclic rhythms. A possibility through its modulations to bring out images, presences, other sleeping places.

Curator : SALLY BONN