Artists book

B L Aman's drawings emanate a strange vibration. From the meeting of the graphite point and the sheet emerge indistinct forms. Molar masses, as captured by old pinhole cameras. Transpositions by the rubbing of felt oscillations, trapped sounds, studies of captive lights. The artist demonstrates with an ancient art the sound vibrations, the emanations of intense lights, even in their fall into the darkness of the current moment. This notebook with vibrant images monopolizes our senses, our mental material; it is made of drawn psyche. These studies are of unidentified objects (UFO for ''Unlimited Flowing Occurrences'', as the artist himself named them), achromatic and limitless dreamlike images, where the contours of the world are x-rayed, n only appear as frozen fluxes – a short instant – by the observer, taken by a kind of x-ray which knew how to capture them, the time of the rubbing. Oddly, faced with such quasi-images, senses other than sight contribute to the experience, by supplementation: touch and hearing contribute (the sense of balance and time). These emotional statements of places, sounds, lights scroll through these short pages, and imprint themselves in us in return. The book then tends towards the other dimensions of B L Aman's work, his experiences of sound and space, resonates with them.


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